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Business Intelligence

Data warehousing is designed to enable and support business intelligence (BI) activities, especially analytics. Analytics lets us transform data assets into competitive insights driving business decisions and actions.

Quality Assurance

Are you interested in system testing, test automation, regression testing and performance testing? Our tutors have more than 10 years experience in doing testing and we will come up with appropriate testing design and strategy to fit your learning.

Data Management

Learn fully customizable BI solution with end-to-end capabilities, such as organizing, analyzing, and presenting data in a way that helps decision-makers steer businesses in the right direction. How to remove data silo in an effective way?

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Senior Director Global Retail Brand

Trustworthy, highly skilled and professional team members in Explora. We appreciate their dedication and attention to detail.

Business Users HKJC

I think the training session is great and the hands on is sufficient to let me understand more on the services. Thanks Edmond!

Director Of Operation Excellence Logisitic

Explora is our data expert and trusted partner to help our organization on data governance, transformation and optimization.

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