Class EA109: Quality Process Analyst Training

Quality Assurance

Course Description

The course is fully aligned with the latest version of the Body of Knowledge. We will walkthrough risk based testing, regression testing and user acceptance testing. We covers the methodologies and testing approaches but also the techniques and tools to used in software testing in agile projects. How do you defect life cycle, metrics and triage in an effective way? How techniques such as black box testing can be applied in agile projects? Go ahead and understand the full approach.

What is the test method? When to apply?

In this course, we will cover practical examples to application. Learn to plan a testing projects, design test cases and data, conduct testing operations, manage defects and generate test report. We will share the knowledge about how to apply testing automation as well.

Basic Rundown

Test Method | Defect Life Cycle and Defect Triage | Defect Metrics | Qualify Automation Testing | Automation Test Tools


4 hrs




Online – Virtual