Class EA108: Testing Strategy In A Day

Quality Assurance

Course Discription

This course educates individual to become an expert QA tester by mastering test management, manual testing, test cycle, test plan and test case concepts. You’ll learn the basic knowledge of testing strategies and how to do the test measurement to the software life cycle. Learners will be guided by Explora trainer to define test coverage and scope. It helps testers gain a clear picture of the project at any instance. The possibility of missing any test activity is very low when there is a proper test strategy in place.

How do organisation do test management?

There are many test management tools available that can be used for Quality Assurance team. How to apply test management in whole testing cycle? The method consists of organising, controlling, ensuring traceability and visibility of the testing process in order to deliver the high quality software application.

Basic Rundown

Test Strategy | Test Goals (Agile or Waterfall) | Test Management | Test Cycles | Test Management


4 hrs




Online – Virtual