Class EA105: Introduction to Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence Beginner

Course Description

A Thorough Introduction to Power BI In this 4 hrs course, you’ll gain a 360° overview of the Power BI basics and learn how to use the tool to build impactful reports. This course will introduce you to the Power BI basics, giving you a 360 degree view of the tool’s capabilities. By learning how to build effective reports, you can take advantage of the Power BI platform through a variety of hands-on exercises.

Learn the Power BI Basics

You’ll start by looking at some of the fundamentals of Power BI, getting to grips with Data, Model, and Report views. Learn to load data sets, build a data model, and discover how to shape and transform your data with Power Query Editor. As you progress through the course, learners have access to hands-on exercises that can hone your skills. Deep learning of various visualizations, sort different data types, and learn to drill deeper into your reports.

Create Powerful Data Visualizations

After you’ve covered all of the basics in Power BI, you can start exploring its various options for creating and presenting data visualizations. You’ll learn how to choose the ideal visual for your data type and how to follow best practices in order to create a compelling and effective report.


4 hrs


$4800 HKD/4 hrs/person


Online – Virtual