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Explore a topic in-depth through guided paths or learn how to accomplish a specific task through individual modules.

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Popular Learning Path & Modules From Databricks

Data Science & Engineering

 How-to guidance to help you get the most out of the Databricks collaborative analytics platform.

Machine Learning / Data Science

Step-by-step guidance to get you running on Databricks. A tailor made learning path specific to a machine learning practitioner’s needs.

Data Analyst

A comprehensive introduction to Databricks SQL. Learners will ingest data, write queries, produce visualizations and dashboards, and configure alerts.

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Explora Corporate & Public Training

Our data management and business intelligence training courses are designed to help individuals improve their efficiency and control their company’s various processes. These courses can help them develop effective data management strategies and improve their business relations.

Databricks Certification With Explora Academy

The goal of certification is to provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills to successfully implement the Databricks Lakehouse platform.They allow you to gain a competitive edge and improve your productivity.

Instructor-led training

All instructor-led courses offer hands-on instruction using real-world scenarios in the actual Databricks Lakehouse Platform. By participating in these courses, you will build cloud-native skills that achieve and sustain new levels of competitive performance.

Role-Based Learning Paths From Databricks

For individuals seeking different career paths or roles, we provide customized learning paths that are designed to meet their requirements. These can be done through self-paced courses or instructor-led programs.